nathan carpenter-Cio & Portfolio ManAger

Nathan has been trading and investing in the cryptocurrency space since late 2012.  He was an early investor in Ethereum, Darkcoin(now Dash), Monero, Ripple and Litecoin.  He is a founding passive partner in the private cryptocurrency fund, Stratton Holdmont and in 2017 he launched a  shared masternode portfolio company, Genkey Ltd.


SERGE MILMAN-coo & Risk Manager

Serge founded Ronin Asset Management (a proprietary trading firm) and Dellwood Capital Partners LP.  Managed over $100M in long/short global equities macro strategy. General Partner at Starta Ventures VC Fund.  Responsible for the tokenization of several of Starta’s portfolio companies. Involved in cryptocurrency investing since 2015.  

starta v.jpg


Hybrid venture fund / accelerator with mandate to bringing & investing in tech startups from EE to the US marketplace.  Founded in 2015.  Underwent a successful ICO in July 2017.  Four portfolio companies have ICO’d.  Focused on identifying early stage tech and blockchain-themed startups.